Kamis, 21 Juli 2011

Sara Cox apologies over 'daft' Twitter rant after offending deaf community


By Daily Mail Reporter

In hot water: Sara Cox has apologised after complaining to Twitter that she had to sit through a film with subtitles, sparking outrage form the deaf community

She chatters away on the radio all day long but Sara Cox found herself in hot water after making comments that offended deaf people.

The Radio One DJ made a series of comments on Twitter regarding ‘daft’ subtitles and a considerable number of people took offence.

The mum of three tweeted: ‘How daft is this? I'm at flicks & bridesmaids is gonna have subtitles.

‘I morphed into my dad & asked if we got any money off.

‘If I was wearing specs I could've put a strip of black gaffer tape across the bottom to block them out.’

Sara was attending a screening of the hit comedy Bridesmaids when she made the remarks and plenty of her followers took offense.

On angered follower tweeted her back and said: ‘Get some respect and realise how lucky you are to hear!’

Twitter rant: Sara posted a number of message to Twitter complaining about the subtitles on the film

Others told the Bolton-born broadcaster that she should have checked the listings online and she replied: ‘For all you gobsh***s we checked online & it didn't mention it.’

Later, perhaps after seeing the offence she caused she tweeted: ‘Sorry, my random musings might sometimes not be thought through.’

The posts were later deleted from her Twitter page.

Apologetic: The DJ apologised for the comments and deleted the posts from her page. Seen here at the F1 party earlier this month

National Deaf Children's Society director of policy and campaigns Brian Gale said: ‘It's really important that individuals, as well as cinemas and other organisations, are aware of deaf young people's needs and work to break down barriers to give them the same opportunities as other children.

‘We hope that Sara Cox now understands more, not less, access is needed.’