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'I have lost my darling who I loved very much': Amy Winehouse's heartbroken boyfriend Reg Traviss speaks of his agony at her untimely death

By Daily Mail Reporter

-Singer will be cremated in Golders Green, north London at 3pm today
-Heartbroken boyfriend Reg Traviss tells of his agony at Amy's death
-Ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil will NOT be present at the funeral
-Back To Black rockets back to the number one spot in the iTunes chart

Amy Winehouse's distraught boyfriend Reg Traviss has spoken about his agony in the fallout following her untimely death at the weekend.

Clean cut Reg, a film director, was pictured in the wake of Amy's death standing by her shrine with a haunted expression on his face.

Three days after the 27-year-old singer's body was discovered in her bed Reg has spoken for the first time about Amy, his 'dear love'.

Agony: Reg Traviss bears a haunted expression at the shrine to his girlfriend Amy Winehouse who was found dead at the weekend

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, the 35-year-old explained how his world came crashing down after the shock news of his girlfriend's death.

He said: 'The last three days have been hell. We have suffered a terrible untimely loss and want peace now.

'I can't describe what I am going through and I want to thank so much all of the people who have paid their respects and who are mourning the loss of Amy, such a beautiful, brilliant person and my dear love. I have lost my darling who I loved very much.'

Calming influence: The film director had the full blessing of Amy's parents Mitch and Janis thanks to his positive influence on her life

He described Amy's death as a terrible accident saying she had been upbeat recently, exercising and doing yoga.

Reg - who had been with Amy for two years - received a full blessing from Amy's parents Mitch and Janis, both of whom acknowledged that he was a welcome calming influence on their daughter.

The polar opposite of her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil, who is currently in jail serving 32 months for burglary and possession of an imitation firearm.

Blake, 29, was blamed for introducing Amy to hard drugs embarking on a tempestuous and destructive relationship with the singer.

Meanwhile Reg's relationship with Amy couldn't have been any different.

While Blake and Amy were often pictured looking dishevelled and 'out of it' on their nights out around London, Reg and his love were rarely pictured out together.

Instead, they stayed out of the limelight and, when they were pictured together, it was under far more civilised circumstances.

Reg always dressed in his trademark sharp suits and skinny ties, hair slicked back - a far cry from the unkempt Fielder-Civil.

And ex-husband Blake has been told he will not be able to attend the funeral today.

According to sources he has been refused compassionate leave from Armley Prison in Leeds - he had already been warned away from the funeral by Amy's father Mitch who 'hates his guts'.

Family support: Amy's parent's Mitch and Janis Winehouse were seen with their son Alex as they made an emotional visit to view the tributes left outside the singer's Camden home

In our thoughts: Reg is seen at Amy's north London shrine with her mother Janis, bottom right, Amy's father and his wife Jane, middle and brother Alex, far right

It has also been reported that Fielder-Civil was left out of Amy's will, even though it has been claimed she still considered him to be her soulmate.

A close friend told the Daily Mail Miss Winehouse had put her affairs in order following her tempestuous two-year marriage to her ex.

She wrote the majority of Back To Black about their stormy romance and the friend said: ‘Around the time of the divorce, all of Amy’s finances were sorted out – and Blake can’t get his hands on any of it.

‘I am pretty sure that Amy does have a will. As a matter of course with record contracts, financial advisers will make sure that is done.’

Speaking from her home in Ruskington, Lincolnshire, his mother Georgette said: ‘He’s devastated and profiting from Amy’s death would be the last thing on his mind.’

'My tears won't dry': Amy's ex-husband Blake Fielder-Ciivl has spoken about his devastation following his ex-wife's death but he will not be at the funeral today

According to reports Amy'sparents plan to mix her ashes with those of her grandmother Cynthia, who died of lung cancer 5 years ago.

A source claims: 'The family discussed mixing Amy's ashes with Cynthia's and scattering them together," a source told the paper.

'They were incredibly close, it feels like the right thing to do.'

Amy idolised her grandmother, a singer who once dated Ronnie Scott, even tattooing her name on her arm.

Tattoo tribute: Amy had her grandmother Cynthia's named inked on her right arm

It has also been reported that there are plans to stage a memorial concert in honour of Amy.

A source told The Mirror: 'There will be no shortage of people wanting to sing. She struck a chord with so many.

'It's an idea at the moment but hopefully the balls can be set in motion over the next few months when it isn't so raw.'

Meanwhile, Adele paid an emotional tribute to Amy saying she "paved the way" for artists like her.

She said: 'Although I'm incredibly sad about Amy passing, I'm also reminded of how incredibly proud of her I am. And grateful to be inspired by her.'

Tribute: Adele paid her respects to Amy Winehouse via her website

On Sunday Reg accompanied Amy's parents Mitch and Janis Winehouse on an emotional visit to the shrine made in tribute to the singer outside her London home.

They sobbed as they looked at the flowers, candles, cuddly toys and even cigarette boxes and alcoholic drinks left at the edge of police cordons surrounding the singer's house.

A spokesman for the family explained: 'The funeral will take place on Tuesday and will be a family and close friends affair.'

He would not reveal details about the location or time of the funeral, which Jewish law states has to take place as soon as possible.

Bad taste? Fans left bottles of vodka and wine, and cans of beer at the site

Mr Winehouse, a former taxi driver, said yesterday: 'Amy was about one thing and that was love. Her whole life was devoted to her family and her friends and to you guys as well.

'We're devastated and I'm speechless, but thanks for coming.'

Amy's parents sought support from each other and were seen hugging and condoling the other as they took in the reality of what has happened.

Camden tribute: Amy Winehouse's picture has been posted on a street sign for Camden Square near her London flat

They have said they are 'devastated' and 'speechless' by their daughter's death, whose inquest was opened and adjourned. The cause of death has not yet been specified and toxicology tests will now be carried out. Police have ruled out foul play.

Sharon Duff, coroner's officer at St Pancras Coroner's Court, said during the two minute hearing yesterday: 'I bring before you the death of Amy Jade Winehouse who was aged 27 born on the 14th September 1983 in London.

'She was a divorced lady living at Camden Square, NW1. She was certified dead at her home on July 23 by a paramedic and a doctor. She was a singer/songwriter at the time of her death.

Fans' notes: Amy's grieving fans not only left her notes on paper but also wrote on the footpath to say they love her

'She was identified by her family here at St Pancras this morning. A section 20 post mortem has been carried out today and samples have been taken for histology and toxicology to determine the cause of death.

'The scene has been examined by police who have deemed it non-suspicious.'

Reg joined Amy's parents at her shrine in north London, where Mitch thanked mourners and reporters at the scene.

Moving: Flowers, notes and messages and candles were left outside Amy's Camden home yesterday evening

He said: 'I know a lot of you, we've been together for five, six years, I know you've got a job to do. I'm glad you're all here anyway.'

'And you people in the street, I can't tell you what this means to us - it really is making this a lot easier for us.

'Amy was about one thing and that was love, her whole life was devoted to her family and her friends and to you guys as well. We're devastated and I'm speechless but thanks for coming.'

Young fans: Two little girls bend down to read the messages left as they join crowds of people eager to pay their respects to the singer